Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i've been desperately wanting to sit down and re-evaluate where i stand in all of my accounts, but my hours at work have just been plain crazy.  i also feel like i've just come off a very intense 18 months (and, oh, the last 10 years before that) of tracking my finances so meticulously, that i needed a break.  but i know i need to get back on the wagon for may, and step back for a bigger picture of where i am.  in the last 8 months, i've been unemployed, got a new job, bought a nused car, got a promotion, and have tried to stifle lifestyle inflation.  so i need a "where have i been, and where am i going" moment.  my biggest mental block to sitting down and doing this has been knowing that once i see my numbers, i won't be as happy about them, and the debt will feel too overwhelming and i don't be able to pay things off as fast as i want to.  but i need a starting point, however small.

i'll have something up by the weekend, if only to keep myself accountable.

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